Uqair port and the beach

Historic Landmarks

A charming place to experience a variety of marine activities such as fishing, camel or horse riding

The historic port of Uqair, in Turkish (Askala Uqir), is an old port located in Al-Ahsa, established by the Ottoman Empire during its rule over the Gulf region around 960 AD. In Mu’jam Al-Buldan, Al-Hamawi reinforces that “Aqar” is every opportunity between two things, and its minimization is Aqir. It was an important port in the era of the Ottoman Empire and continued in the Saudi state until it was dispensed with and transferred to the port of Dammam. Before the discovery of oil, it was the main port of the eastern region, south and central Najd, some antiquities still exist until now, and it became an archaeological landmark. Al-Uqair port was the most important means that the Ottoman rulers relied on to communicate with the central authority, and therefore they gave it more care and attention. King Abdulaziz Al-Uqair entered into the signing of the Uqair Treaty with Cox, in which Britain recognized Ibn Saud’s rule of Al-Ahsa in 1922 AD.