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“Explore with us the pottery factory “Dogha Al-Grash”.

The pottery factory is one of the tourist places that has been closely linked between the environment and man since ancient times, as it guides you to enjoy the experience of making pottery from natural clay in a simple and easy way.

The process of making pottery takes place in Dugha Al-Gharash in several stages, the first of which is bringing clay from places called Al-Manabat, and the clay comes from Ain Al-Hara. Soft white sand with a sifter to facilitate the kneading process. Dugha Al-Gharash is located in the town of Al-Qarah near Al-Qarah Mountain. Dugha Al-Grash is characterized by the character of the ancient architecture, as the house is located between palms, the mountain, and the water, where it contains pottery of all kinds, and the collectibles are made manually.