Safari To Al-Asfar Lake


Yellow Lake safari adventure is an interesting experience and you can’t miss it…

Get ready for the best experience in the amazing Yellow Lake..and explore its unique beauty..and enjoy a great adventure with friends..

the program:

3:00 pm Departure by 4×4 Cars .
Sneaking over the golden sands with 4×4 Cars.
Access to Lake Al-Asfar, which swallows an average area of ​​28 km2
A break above Abu Al-Masafir overlooking the lake with hospitality
6:30 pm Return to the pick up point and the end of the experiment

The trial fee is SR300 per person, including the vehicles and the hospitality.

-At least 3 persons or more for the Safari Expeirment.

-Availabe every week on Friday and Saturday.

For booking and online payment

Friday | Saturday

Cancellation Policy

Tickets sold are non-refundable within 48 hours of the safari

For more information contact us (Press Here).

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