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Because you deserve enough time to relax and have fun away from responsibilities…Enjoy a luxurious and luxurious vacation with us in the Hasawy countryside

We take you on a tour of the Hassawi countryside, enjoy the scenic views, experience strawberry picking and fishing.

On the front of the Hassawi countryside, there is the largest protected cultivation of strawberries (150 thousand strawberry trees).

Tour Program:

Rural breakfast with dishes of farm products – eggs, milk and vegetables, with a fee of 30 SR per person
Strawberry picking is a fee of 25 SR per person
Accommodation in the Hassawi countryside destination, with a fee of 400 SR for the family (4 people) per night
Fishing experience for farmed fish with a fee of 50 SR per person + the value of fish 40 riyals per kilo
Horse riding experience and stagecoach inside the farm walls, with a fee of 30 riyals per person
A short tour of the Al-Rabf Al-Hasawi site in a golf car, with a fee of 30 riyals per person


This tour is available every week on Friday and Saturday.

Cancellation Policy

Sold tickets can be returned 48 hours before the date of booking

For reservations and tickets

Friday | Saturday

 For more information contact us (Press Here).

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